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Cable Car Service

The ropeway in Nepal was introduced in 1922 for cargo service but the first Cable Car in Nepal was established in 1998, The Manakamana Cable Car. Many places in Nepal are suitable for the operation of Cable Cars. Many temples, especially temples of Goddess Kali are situated on the top of the hills in all around Nepal where thousands of Nepalese along with foreign pilgrims as well as tourists visit them annually. Now, apart from central government, local governments and private/public companies are also planning to construct cable cars in many places to attract tourists. As of now, 4 cable cars are operating or being constructed all over Nepal and three of them are very popular. Those three famous cable cars in Nepal are:

  1. Chandragiri Cable Car at Kathmandu Nepal
  2. Manakamana Cable Car on the way to Pokhara/Chitwan from Kathmandu, at Kurintar Nepal
  3. Kalinchock Cable Car at Kalinchock Nepal

Here I am writing in brief intro of all 4 cable cars which are operating or being constructed in Nepal.

Chandragiri Cable Car

Chandragiri hill is very popular Cable car in Nepal as it is very close to Kathmandu. Started its operation in 2016, Chandragiri Cable Car become very famous tourist hub and weekend destination among Nepalese family in Kathmandu because of its location where you can reach very easily.

Chandragiri Cable Car is not only famous for riding the cable car but the hill station lets you to watch magnificent Himalayas including the mountains of Annapurna and Everest region. Bhaleshwar Mahadev temple is also major attraction of the Hill which is one of the major temples of Lord Shiva in the world. People among Hindu and Buddhist have a faith to gain their wish, worshiping Shiva in this temple. There are children parks, restaurants, resorts and other things to spend a day very nicely.

In Just 20 to 30 minutes’ drive, you will reach to Chandragiri Cable Car station where you can breathe new and fresh air in the middle of the jungle and cool environment in the top of the hill. It takes just 8 minutes to reach to the top of hill by riding cable car. We will have extra fun in near future at Chandragiri as Boutique hotel, resort, and other adventure sports activities are introducing soon.

You can reach Chandrgiri Cable Car by taxi, public bus (changing two/three routes, depends on where you live) as well as private car. Private car is comparatively cheaper than Taxi for hassle free service. The ticket for riding cable car is available in the lower station apart from travel agencies. Shepherd Holidays has best offer for Cable Car ride in Nepal by Private transportation.   for more.

Manakamana Cable Car

Manakamana Cable Car is situated in Kurintar, some 100 Km and on the way of Pokhara or Chitwan/Lumbini from Kathmandu. There is a huge different of altitude among its stations of 2.8 Km long. Base station is situated at just 258 m from sea label in Chitwan District of Nepal, exactly on the right of Tribhuvan Highway going from Kathmandu and Hill station is at 1302 m in Gorkha District of Nepal.

Manakamana is a temple of Goddess Bhagabati with the full name of Manakamana Mata (mother). The meaning of Mana in Nepali language is Needs or your requirements and Kamana is your wishes. People believe their wish gets fulfilled worshiping Manakamana. Many tourists/pilgrims visit the temple annually for the prosperous life. Astami tithi (one of the 10 days of navaratra/Vijaya Dashami or Dashahara (in India) festival, the traffic goes highest in numbers each year.

Once you reach Manakamana temple via cable car, you will feel really relaxed from your busy schedule. Mighty mountains from northern side of Manakamana temple welcome you with cool and fresh windy air. Annapurna Himalayan range along with Mount Manaslu appears very close to you from the temple. You can shop the hand made products outside temple. Hotels, resorts are available for night stay.

Public buses, Tourist buses (to Pokhara or Chitwan/Lumbini) go from Kurintar, where the base station of the Manakamana Cable Car is situated. Moreover, you can go by taxi at your own time but private vehicle with tour operator shall be comparatively cheaper and safe for your convenience. You can extend the Manakamana Cable Car trip for a second day with Trishuli river rafting or Marshyangdi River rafting if you are lover of adventure activities. Else, Pokhara tour or Chitwan/Lumbini Tour is recommended to spend few more worthy days in Nepal.

Kalinchowk Cable Car

Kalinchowk is another famous Bhagawati Temple situated on the top of the hill at elevation of 3755 m from sea label. Kalinchowk is top 20 Pilgrim destination among Hindus in Nepal which is situated in Dolakha district some km from Kathmandu. Kalinchowk cable car started its operation on November 2018.

Once winter starts its course and snowfall begins, many people drive for Kalinchowk for enjoying snowfall. Spectacular mountains along with Mount Langtang, Mount Ganesh, Mount Jugal, Mount Gauri Shankar, Mount Shisha Pangma, Mount Dorje Lakpa and many others can be seen from Kalinchowk.

You can reach Kalinchowk by public buses, by taxi or private vehicle with tour operator which shall be comparatively cheaper and safe for your convenience. Shepherd Holidays proudly arranges all these in best deal. 

Sarangkot Cable Car

Pokhara is a tourism city. Apart from natural beauty, Pokhara is a hub of many adventure activities including bungee jump, ultra-light, paragliding, zip flyer, etc. Soon, we will have an opportunity for riding cable car in Pokhara. Sarangkot Cable car is being constructed in Pokhara by Annapurna Cable Car Pvt. Ltd. Sarangkot Cable Car in Pokhara shall connect thru cable car from Phewa lakek to Sedibagar, Sarangkot. Tourists will have better option to watch mountains, Phewa Lake, Sunrise, Sunset, world peace Stupa, Jungles and entire Pokhara city with its surrounded hills very closely.